World Leading Reinforcement Framework

The PD Training World-Leading Reinforcement Framework

"Beat the Forgetting curve"

Increase retention up to 90% with our unique reinforcement package. Well-accepted studies, over dozens of years, confirm that multiple reinforcements increases retention from an average of only 10% to 90% or higher.

Beat the forgetting curve, increase the likelihood of remembering course content, and achieve lasting impact with the PD Training Post-Course Reinforcement and Support Framework.


Knowledge & Skills Remembered from Training

PD Training-Knowledgeand-Skills-Remembered-from-Training

The downwards line represents the 'Forgetting Curve' and reflects the optimal long-term impact that individuals and organisations should expect to receive after training with most training companies.

When training is reinforced four times, retention increases to over 90%. The PD Training World-Leading Reinforcement System provides seven different modes and hundreds of opportunities for reinforcement.




PD Training-Retention-graph

The top green line represents the 'remembering curve' and represents the lasting impact that individuals and organisations can expect to receive after training with PD Training, due to PD Training's post-course reinforcement and support framework.

This is, without a doubt, the leading reinforcement
system in the world right now.

The Framework Includes
Training Booster Reinforcement System Training Booster Reinforcement System
  Every participant receives a free subscription to our unique TrainingBooster system. Participants will receive one succinct and punchy email
each month that reinforces a single key concept from the course to ensure continued learning. Training Boosters run for 10-12 months,
depending on the course, and participants can opt-out at any time.
Free Re-sit Free Re-sit
  Each participant is welcome to join a local public class for free for 12 months following the original course date.
eHelpDesk Support eHelpDesk Support
  Help desk support is offered to every participant for three months following the course.
Bonus Supplementary eLearning Bonus Supplementary eLearning
  Every participant receives 12-month access to a supplementary eLearning course that reinforces and extends the classroom training.
Quick Reference Job Aid Quick Reference Job Aid
  After completing one of our courses, each participant receives a double-sided A4 Job Aid for easy reference back on-the-job.
Hours of Business Video Content Hours of Business Video Content
  Free Subscription to the PD Training YouTube Channel that includes approximately 400 professional development videos.
Comprehensive courseware Comprehensive Courseware
  Comprehensive courseware provided as printed bound materials or in pdf format for review after class.

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