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In order for you to be an efficient manager, you must be comfortable in delegating work to employees while making sure they are both accountable and effective. It is vital to implement procedures to make sure assignments are clear and well-defined. The ability to delegate is a required skill for any effective leader.

This delegation training course is appropriate for managers, team leaders and supervisors in different sectors, who require a good understanding of how, when and what to delegate. The training course teaches the managers set of skills like identifying tasks that can be delegated, setting goals for task completion and reporting on delegated activities.

This highly valuable and effective training course is now available throughout Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, and also via instructor-led online training.

This Effective Delegation training course can be delivered at your premises by one of our expert local or international trainers or live online using our HIVE technology.

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Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes - Effective Delegation Training Course

    After completing this course, participants will have learned to:

    • Understand how delegation fits into their job and increase productivity
    • Understand and use different ways of delegating tasks
    • Use Pre-assignment review
    • Pick up the right person
    • Use an eight-step process for effective delegation
    • Give better instructions for better delegation results
    • Give instructions effectively
    • Identify common delegation pitfalls and learn how to avoid them
    • Use ways to monitor delegation results
    • Monitor delegation
    • Use techniques for giving effective feedback
    • Provide feedback
    • Understand the importance of delegation and its results
    • Manage a delegation meeting
    Duration: 1 day course


    Effective Delegation Training Course Reviews:

  • Course Outline - Effective Delegation Training Course

    Download Effective Delegation Training Course Outline


    Delegation is often one of the hardest skills for a manager to master. During this training course, participants receive training in the many of the facets of delegation, including when and whom to delegate responsibilities, understanding the delegation process, use effective techniques to overcome problems, and more.

    Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 1
    Getting Started
    • Icebreaker
    • Pre-Assignment Review
    • Workshop Objectives
    Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 2
    Why Delegate?
    • Advantages & Disadvantages
    • Delegation Do's and Don'ts
    • Self-Assessment
    Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 3
    What is Delegation?
    • Delegation Definitions
    • Levels of Delegation
    • Guidelines for Success
    • Lateral Delegation
    Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 4
    Pre-Assignment Review
      Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 5
      Picking the Right Person
      • Delegation Based on Skill Level
      • Employee Motivation
      • Employee Workload
      • Matching of Skills & People
      Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 6
      The Delegation Meeting
      • Clarity in Communication
      • Context & Relevance
      • Ensuring Understanding
      • Setting Performance Standards
      • Delegating Authority
      • Setting Support
      • Clarity in Expectations & Committment
      • Rewards & Recognition
      Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 7
      Putting it into Practice
      • Case Study
      • Eight Steps of Delegation Meeting
      • Activity
      Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 8
      Giving Instructions
      • Three Types of Instructions
      • Examples
      • Preparing Instructions
      Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 9
      Monitoring Delegation
      • Why Monitor Delegation?
      • Advantages of Monitoring Delegation
      • Methods to Monitor Delegation
      Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 10
      Practicing Delegation
      • Your Role in Delegation
      • Employees' Role in Delegation
      • When to Delegate
      • Whom to Delegate To
      • Delegating Authority
      • Monitoring Delegation
      • Managing Disappointments
      Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 11
      Giving Feedback
      • The Ingredients of Good Feedback
      • What Makes Feedback Effective
      • Case Studies
      Effective Delegation Training Course - Lesson 12
      Wrapping Up
      • Words from the Wise

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